A New Study Shows PayPal Helps Improve Checkout Conversion

A recent study from comScore, a recognized global leader in cross-platform measurement of audiences, advertising, and consumer behavior, has revealed that PayPal outperforms other online payment methods when it comes to checkout conversion rates.

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Throughout Q4 2017, the media-measurement company tracked the online shopping habits of one million US consumers across 20 large-merchant retailers. It found that when customers selected PayPal as their payment method, they went on to complete the transaction 88.7% of the time, on average. Conversion performed, on average, 60% higher than that of other digital wallets and 82% higher than all payment methods.

For eCommerce merchants, the study is just the latest evidence of how a seamless, intuitive checkout process can play a key role in driving online sales.

PayPal helps improve business results

In addition to evaluating online purchases using the PayPal Mark, PayPal One Touchâ„¢, and PayPal Express Checkout as a whole, comScore's study honed in on the value merchants receive from PayPal Express Checkout.

By allowing consumers to bypass the tedious tasks of filling out their shipping, billing, and bank account information, the PayPal button takes the friction out of the final leg of the customer sales journey. Rather than inputting these details every single time they want to buy something, customers can simply fill in their PayPal login and password, confirm their stored information, and be on their way.

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These efficiencies lead to results: the study found that merchants that offered PayPal Express Checkout saw a 61% sitewide conversion rate -- 47% higher than sites that didn't.

Braintree & PayPal Connected

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Of course, offering your customers the opportunity to pay with PayPal is just one piece of the conversion puzzle.

With Braintree, merchants can give their customers a clean, intuitive, next-generation user experience, alongside the ability to pay for purchases with the entire suite of PayPal solutions -- including the increasingly popular PayPal One Touchâ„¢ -- in a single integration. It's a potent combination -- and one that makes it easy for consumers to complete their purchases without a second thought.

Braintree is also compatible with most major credit card and digital wallets, ensuring that your customers will be able to buy your products no matter what services they use. On top of all that, we offer a secure checkout and fraud-protection tools, empowering shoppers to spend with confidence.

In addition to PayPal, Braintree delivers Venmo (in the US) and most other popular payment methods in a single integration to help streamline your checkout and increase conversions. Braintree's secure checkout and fraud-protection tools also help empower shoppers to spend with confidence.

Together, Braintree and PayPal offer everything merchants need for a secure, seamless, and highly efficient checkout.

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