American Express Settlement Amount Enhancements

Braintree has updated Amex processing to allow eligible merchants to settle for greater than the original authorization amount. This functionality is available to merchants who utilize accounts obtained directly from Amex. Note: Amex does not support auth adjustment functionality.

Merchant benefits

  • Removes friction when processing tip adjustments, order adjustments, and rental extensions
  • Minimizes the number of transactions per order

American Express requirements

Amex permits the following merchant categories to settle within designated thresholds, respective to the original authorization amount:

  • Up to 20% tip/order adjustment:

    • 4121 (taxicabs and rideshares)
    • 5812 (restaurants)
  • Up to 15% rental adjustment:

    • 7011 (lodging)
    • 7512, 7513, and 7519 (vehicle rentals)

Technical changes

If you’d like to implement this functionality:
1. Confirm you fall within one of the merchant categories outlined above.
2. Contact us to enable this feature
3. Update your integration to support increased submit for settlement amounts in your API requests

If a transaction is submitted with an amount that exceeds Amex’s 15% or 20% thresholds, Braintree will return the following validation error:

91522 - Settlement amount is too large

If your settlement adjustment exceeds the allowed threshold, you should create a second authorization for the additional amount.

How does this differ from auth adjustments?

It is important to note that this American Express functionality is not the same as Visa/Mastercard authorization adjustments. While you may be able to settle American Express transactions for a larger amount than was originally authorized, the authorization amount itself will not change; the settlement attempt will not trigger an auth adjustment object or result in validation errors.


If you have any questions, contact us.

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