Expanding Venmo's Commerce Offerings

Last year we announced that businesses could start accepting Venmo as a secure way to pay in their native mobile apps. Mobile-focused businesses like Delivery.com and Dolly adopted Venmo for several reasons: it solved a pain point around conversion, it allowed them to tap into the balances of Venmo’s highly engaged digital-first users, and it helped drive discovery of their experiences in the Venmo feed. Today we are excited to expand on Venmo’s powerful commerce offerings by making it available as a payment method to even more merchant types and business models, exclusively through Braintree.

For the first time, businesses with mobile web experiences will be able to accept Venmo -- enabling a familiar and fast way of transacting that consumers have come to expect on mobile. Popular fashion marketplace Poshmark and leading international non-profit organization Save the Children are two of the first Braintree customers to begin accepting Venmo on mobile web. Additionally, Venmo will soon also be available for subscription-based businesses who wish to integrate the popular payment method. And, because it’s important for us to make every experience as seamless as possible for our merchants, we’ve also enhanced our onboarding flow so that businesses can enable themselves in the sandbox to test -- making it easier and quicker for merchants to get started with Venmo.

Venmo has charmed and delighted millions of users in the U.S. through the ease of sending money and splitting payments. Its social sharing functionality specifically promotes viral conversations to fuel buying experiences, resulting in heightened engagement and, ultimately, awareness of merchants amongst users. By allowing even more merchants to accept Venmo as a payment method, we hope to continue to deliver on our promise of creating greater checkout experiences for all.

If you would like to learn more about accepting Venmo, check out our website or email us at pay-with-venmo@braintreepayments.com.

Jay Parekh Jay is Director of BD, focusing on product partnerships such as PayPal One Touch, Apple Pay, and Android Pay, and driving merchant adoption of key strategic initiatives. More posts by this author

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