Ignition: Doing Our Part to Help You Get Started, The First $50,000 is on Us

Update: The pricing information below is out of date. For current information, please refer to our pricing page.

At Braintree, our reason for being has always been to help entrepreneurs, developers and innovators build beautiful commerce experiences. We’re proud that many of the most defining commerce experiences, such as Uber, Airbnb, HotelTonight and AngryBirds, have built on our platform. However, as a serial entrepreneur myself, I’m most proud that we’ve contributed to the success of thousands of startups. We’ve only been successful because we helped them succeed. For that reason, when we raised our Series B in 2012, we decided to show our appreciation by waiving $2 million of fees to help launch the next thousand startups. At the time we wanted to do more, but being a startup ourselves, that was a big commitment. However, we’ve continued to grow dramatically and we can now make an even bigger commitment to startups.

Today we’re launching our Ignition program, waiving the fees on the first $50,000 in processing for any U.S.-based startup that builds on our platform. Just as before, there are no strings attached; you don’t have to sign any contracts or make any commitments. We just want to do our part to help you launch, iterate and build your ideas. However, unlike before, we’re not limiting it to only 1,000 startups. We’re doing it for every U.S.-based startup (and working to do the same internationally soon)!  We’re committed to doing this because we know how many roadblocks startups face and how much of a difference it can make when someone clears even a few of them away.

Everpurse was one of those startups who made good use of our $50k promo in 2012. Jesse Pinho, co-founder and CIO, told us, “At the time, we had just used Kickstarter to help launch our e-commerce site to sell direct to consumers and needed a secure payment solution fast. The timing worked out perfectly and we were accepted into the $50K promotion. We quickly realized we’d made the right choice; we were up and running with a seamless integration in about 5 hours!”

Another, Mike Fischthal, founder and CEO, Pixel Academy shared, “We flew past that first $50k. It was so helpful for us to be able to avoid the additional processing fees and feed that extra money back into growing the business.”

Kyle Larson, Software Architect and co-founder of Tastemaker said, “A good friend of mine recommended Braintree, and given the large companies on their roster, I was under the impression we were too small but then the $50K promo came at the right time. I continue to be impressed by the quick level of responsiveness for any questions – from integration to reporting – especially being a startup.”

These stories are what it’s all about for us. When we did this the first time around, we called it “The Next Thousand startups” but it would have been worth it to us if even one successful startup got some of their early lift from it.  Looking back now and seeing how many great startups like Everpurse, Pixel Academy and Tastemaker were part of that, we can’t wait to see how many more will get a bit of their start from our Ignition program.

To learn more about Ignition, check out our FAQ. We’re planning even more to enable startups to build, so let us know what else you’d like to see from us in the comments or tweet us @braintree.

Bill Ready Bill is the SVP, Global Head of Merchant and Next-Gen Commerce at PayPal. Previously, Ready was the CEO of Braintree, leading the company through the 2013 acquisition by PayPal for $800 million. More posts by this author

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