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Beautylish Case Study | Braintree Payments


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Beautylish partnered with Braintree to integrate Braintree Direct and offer their stylish community of shoppers the opportunity to pay with PayPal. Within a few days, the Beautylish team integrated, tested, and deployed the Braintree SDK. Within a month, sales were up 18%, driven by the addition of PayPal.


Since its launch in 2010, Beautylish has become a one-stop-shop for thousands of beauty products in a seamless experience across web and mobile. Along the way, they've built an incredible community of millions of members, sharing advice and tips, posting their latest looks, and rating products.


Two key markets emerged for Beautylish as their footprint expanded: professional make-up artists and international customers. As these groups grew to become a significant portion of the Beautylish customer base, the team began to hear more and more requests to add PayPal as a payment method. There was a feeling that Beautylish might be missing out on an opportunity to turn shoppers into buyers.

Bringing PayPal on-board posed two difficult challenges: Integrating a new payment method and managing transactions from two separate payment portals.

Integrating, testing, and managing two different work flows was time-consuming and complicated process that would require a overly burdensome investment from their development and management teams.


Though Beautylish was already a Braintree customer, the release of Braintree's SDK with a new friction-free mobile checkout created reason to consider a new integration. Most importantly for the Beautylish team: Braintree's SDK came with the ability to process debit and credit cards, and add PayPal as a payment method with just a few clicks.

Within a few days, Beautylish was able to integrate, test, and deploy the new SDK. No additional time was needed to include PayPal as an option alongside all major credit cards. Along with incorporating a new payment method, Beautylish was able to remove and simplify their code, despite getting much more functionality. Finally, the user experience felt right: customers wouldn't need to go through a redirect page; instead, all that would be needed are login credentials in a simple prompt box. The results were impressive, within a month, sales were up 18% over their baseline.

What's more, the Beautylish team knew they made a good choice for their community.


Beauty and brains are a powerful combo. With Beautylish's growing community and Braintree Direct's option to Pay with PayPal driving an 18% increase in revenue, Beautylish is poised for exciting growth.

Cause for even more excitement was the insight that 40% of international buyers were choosing PayPal, with many being first time buyers, indicating PayPal is a potential purchase-trigger for shoppers. And all of this was completed with a easy integration that simplified and consolidated payments for Beautylish. As Beautylish grows globally, Braintree will continue to support them with simple, powerful payments.

"Pretty much right out of the gate, we saw 19% of our customers choosing to pay with PayPal."

Sameer Iyengar

Co-founder of Beautylish

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