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Streamlining Global Payments with Nokia Health

Nokia Health gives customers around the world the tools to embrace a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. Looking to create a better user experience globally, Nokia Health partnered with Braintree to streamline their checkout experience across markets, offer alternative payment methods, and optimize the PayPal experience for their customers.


With separate online payment providers across markets, Nokia Health’s UX was disjointed and clunky. The company wanted to streamline their checkout experience globally and be able to offer customers their preferred payment methods.


Through Braintree Direct, Nokia Health was able to consolidate their multiple payment solutions into their one global platform and create a seamless checkout experience across regions. Additionally, partnering with Braintree allowed Nokia Health to add alternative payment methods through one simple integration, including optimize PayPal offerings.

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"Innovative, secure, and international, Braintree allowed us to create a seamless buying experience on web and mobile which allowed us to open up and create a consistent worldwide experience for our customers."

Victor Habourdin

Ecommerce Marketing Lead, Nokia Health

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